bulthaup has deep roots that stretch back to 1949 and its beginnings as an independent family business. Our products have always been created from a combination of craftsmanship and design. Right from the very beginning, bulthaup has been synonymous with superb quality, authentic materials, and a passion for detail. Even in times of rapid change, bulthaup has remained a company that picks up on people’s needs and wishes, and always looks for answers and solutions.

bulthaup kitchens and living spaces are places where people come together to connect, relax and feel at home. They allow people to be creative and experience making things with their own two hands. To create such places, people, and their needs and customs, must be at the heart of all our considerations.

This is how bulthaup thinks and acts. Every day, we are wondering whether our concept of “the kitchen” is enough to meet people’s wants and needs, now and in future. We continually investigate this question as we manufacture our products with a passion for detail and a love for authentic materials, to create kitchen and living space systems that enrich lives now and tomorrow.


bulthaup Italia s.r.l.
via Senato, 6 | 20121 Milano | Italy
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fax. +39 02 36552188

bulthaup starts where machines leave off. People are able to create things that even the most sophisticated technology cannot: material authenticity that can be experienced with all of the senses.

bulthaup b2

In order to create space and time for communication and enjoyment, bulthaup b2 transforms the kitchen into a workshop with an abundance of freedom to move around and with a unique organizational principle.

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