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Since 1954, Arpa Industriale has been designing and manufacturing high-quality panels with HPL technology for a vast array of intended uses, including architecture, interior design, healthcare, shipyards, transport, hospitality, retail, and kitchen industries.

A wide range of extremely diversified products, both in terms of structure and aesthetics. Arpa high-pressure decorative laminates are made in the 150,000 sq.m plant in Bra, Piedmont, and are the expression of the vivid and original Italian creativity. Over 60 years of investments in research, advanced technology, and personnel training have allowed Arpa to win over international markets and gain its consolidated reputation as a highly reliable player in the industry that stands out for the expertise of its personnel, excellence and variety of its offering, flexibility, and rapid service. The goal of the company is to forecast and design innovative aesthetic and technical solutions. This is possible because of the constant investment in research and development, which represents 4 percent of the turnover. The new offerings demonstrate Arpa Industriale’s ground-breaking role in relation to the latest trends in the world of materials. The launch of FENIX NTM in 2013 and its success story confirm the company’s commitment to continuous innovation.

Siti: www.fenixntm | www.arpaindustriale.com
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Arpa Industriale S.p.A.
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The external surface of FENIX NTM involves nanotechnology and it is characterised by the use of next generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through an Electronic Beam Curing process. With low light reflectivity, its surface is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint and features a very pleasant soft touch with antibacterial properties. The use of nanotechnology allows for FENIX NTM’s thermal healing of micro-scratches. The colour palette of FENIX NTM represents the soul of this timeless product.

Totem Living

Material: FENIX NTM®
Thickness: 0.9mm (“Thin”); 12mm (“Solid” with matched colour core)
Panel size: 4200x1600mm, 3050x1300mm
Colours: 0724 Grigio Bromo 12mm, 0716 Rosa Colorado 0.9mm, 0720 Nero Ingo 0.9mm, 0725 Grigio Efeso 0.9mm

Totem Dining

Material: FENIX NTM®
Thickness: 0.9mm(“Thin”); 10mm/12mm (“Solid” with matched colour core)
Panel size: 4200x1600mm, 3050x1300mm
Colours: 0720 Nero Ingo 10mm, 0718 Grigio Londra 12mm, 0716 Rosa Colorado 0.9mm, 0725 Grigio Efeso 0.9mm


Material: FENIX NTM®
Thickness: 0.9mm (“Thin”); 10mm (“Solid” with matched colour core)
Panel size: 4200x1600mm, 3050x1300mm
Colours: 0718 Grigio Londra 12mm, 0725 Grigio Efeso 0.9mm, 0720 Nero Ingo 0.9mm

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