When textile becomes Italian lifestyle

You will find all the Italian tradition in l’Opificio, the trademark that design and produce velvet and fabric collections for interiors since 1998. High-end, high-quality products developed within a torinese family company which combines Paola, Barbara and Federico expertise: respectively commercial, creative and market developer. The aim is to create fabrics collections that anticipate and translate the change of style and way of living and that represent for the home what the haute couture represent for fashion. l’Opificio combine local excellent craftsmanship with a research path where a single fabric and velvet gain an added value by the overall view defined by the colour combinations. It means textile design intimately related with the human work. Precious fabrics and velvets, unique pieces, made to measure or customized along different style and taste, thus a prêt-à-porter line made of quilts, cushions and curtains. l’Opificio is part of Exclusive Brands Torino, the Torino Industrial Union network of excellence.

– Why did l’Opificio decide to participate to this project?

Be-spoke service, authenticy and intimacy have always been fundamental traits of the company DNA: this is the reason why l’Opificio has adhered with great enthusiasm to this project.
A life space intended as an urban shelter, intimate and personal, away from clichés, where l’Opificio collections interprets at the best the personal touch: these are the aspects of the Studiopepe project where we do recognize ourselves.

How did the idea of contemporary living change and which are the elements that characterize l’Opificio new products?

In an era of digitalisation, the contemporary home, as a contrast, requires interiors that recall to intimacy and welcoming. Beside this, nowadays there is a growing attention to the quality of the textile used to dress the home lived in.
L’Opificio responds to these needs designing and producing multisensory and materic fabrics and velvets collections, which can be perceived not only visually but also to the touch.
The wide use of natural fibres combined with the choice not to use formaldehyde in the production process, allow l’Opificio to create high quality be-spoke products, which enable to enjoy the tactile experience.

– Which are l’Opificio Brand values that you recognize in this project?

Artisan tailor made realisation, is a key element of l’Opificio quality, which is recognisable at its best in the be-spoke items, unique and exclusive pieces that each time reinterpret l’Opificio textile collections.
A common storytelling is another aspect which, during the past years, has allowed to create interesting collaborations with international companies originating unique pieces: for example the 6 version of the lounge chair by Nigel Coats for Gebrüder Thonet Vienna or the collaboration with Inkiostro Bianco, which gives e new dimension to l’Opificio textile collections becoming a be-spoke wall paper.

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A world of fabrics, velvets and bespoke luxury sartorial soft furnishings for interiors 100% made in Italy.

Cotton Velvet collection

100% cotton 0% formaldehyde / 55 fascinating colours / #velvetphilosophy #lopificio

l’Opificio 100% mercerized cotton velvet, welcoming and soft but intense, caresses decors’ shapes making every sitting extremely comfortable and captivating. It comes in 55 rich and fascinating colours, made special because of how velvet absorbs the light.

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